Hawaii Five-0 !!



Do you recognize what you see in the photograph? It’s the statue of Kamehameha, which stands prominently in front of Aliʻiolani Hale in Honolulu, Hawaii. A couple of years ago, that is, before the outbreak of COVID-19, I had the opportunity to visit this beautiful island of Oahu.


Soon after my arrival in Honolulu I was just wandering around the town, when I came across this statue of the famous Hawaiian warrior. I was very much impressed at the sight. Actually, what I was thinking was :

Wow! This is where the headquarters for Hawaii five-0 is located!



Hawaii-five 0 is an American TV series with a high rate of viewers not only in the United States, but also all over the world. The story concerns a man named Steve McGarrett, who runs a Five-0 task-force under the surveillance of the Governor of Hawaii. Crimes they deal with include terrorist attacks, espionage, murders, kidnapping, robberies and human trafficking, almost everything conceivable that ‘bad guys’ are capable of getting involved in.

five O 01

Hawaii Five-0 !!


I could visualize Kono Kalakaua and Steve McGarrett popping out of the building behind the statue and getting into the police car, with a gun in hand. Super Cool!

コノ・カラカウア(写真左から2人目)とスティーブ・マクギャレット(写真左端) が銅像の背後にある建物から飛び出し、銃を手にパトカーに乗り込む様子が目に浮かぶようだね。シブい!

I also noticed a man on a motorcycle. The guy must have been Chin Ho Kelly. The former President of the United States, Mr. Trump, must be pleased with the fact that the motorcycle he was riding turns out to be a Harley instead of a Honda.

それからバイクに乗った人も見たような。チン・ホー・ケリー(写真右から2人目) だったに違いない。前アメリカ大統領のトランプさんもさぞかしご満悦でしょう。その男が乗るバイク、ハーレーだし。ホンダじゃないし。

I’m already looking forward to my next visit to Hawaii, where their fight against crimes helps keep our stay safe and pleasant. See you very soon, Kono, not Cordially, but Always Affectionately Yours!

kono 02                                         kureshin 12b

Kono Kalakaua


千葉経済の「クレしん」こと柳浦でした ωαγατα…φ(゚∀゚ )アヒャ

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